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Surpassing Customer Standards for Excellence


“We are very satisfied with Friendly Hills Bank. They called on us and promised to help save us money. We really shopped around because our organization wanted to remain a cost effective steward. It had to be compelling for us to move our 27-year banking relationship away from a major bank. They won our business and have saved us thousands of dollars.

A bank can be the friendliest and nicest, but that won’t get our business – it’s the cost savings on fees and charges. However, to keep our business the bank has to offer the right services and have the personnel to deliver on their promises... and Friendly Hills Bank does that. The Bank has a willingness to be flexible, finding many ways to help us and meet our needs. We know they are there for us! Their employees volunteer time and are very much a part of us. This truly is a really great community bank.”

Young Men's Christian Association of Greater Whittier

Solari logo

“We became a Friendly Hills Bank customer through a referral from a respected friend. The service and attentiveness is beyond what we expected. They work hard to make sure I get what I need. More importantly, they make me believe they care about my business and they really do! Their staff wants to make me happy...they have succeeded!”

Bruce Solari Portrait

Bruce Solari, Executive Vice President
Solari Enterprises, Inc.



PPC Logo

“We value the personal service provided by Friendly Hills Bank and especially from Liz Buckingham. We really consider her as a business partner and without her we would not have been in a position to grow our business to our current levels.

We appreciate that we can communicate our financial needs. They figure out how to get it done, so we can focus on what we do best. As a small company, we don’t have a lot of time to spend doing things outside of our core business. With the Bank’s support, we’ve experienced continued annual growth with 2009 being our best year ever - that’s exciting for us!”

Debbie Buchanan, Vice President
Plumbing, Pipe and Construction

 “I am extremely pleased with Friendly Hills Bank. Personal touch is the most important reason I bank with them. Secondly, they have all of the services my practice needs. The staff is really professional, helpful and readily available to answer any questions... anytime. I like having a bank that doesn’t make mistakes on my statements, is always accurate, saves me time and provides quick answers.”

Dr. Riad Darwish, MD Portrait

Dr. Riad Darwish, MD
Whittier Internal Medicine and Nephrology

“As a professional service firm, we love the service we receive from Friendly Hills Bank. They take the time to get to know you. They are always willing to go out of their way to help you. We enjoy that we can call them and get to speak with a real person here locally who will take the time to answer our questions, provide support; unlike other banks where you speak to a machine in another state!”

Richard Lehn, Jr. Portrait

Richard Lehn, Jr., Attorney at Law
Ardis & Lehn

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