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Business Professional Services


We understand your business, so we can provide flexibility and creative options. When you need an answer fast, we get the job done. All bank decisions are local, and we promise responsiveness.

How many businesses do you know who can talk with their bank's President? As a Friendly Hills Banks customer you'll have easy access to our management team - beginning at the top with our President & CEO, Nathan Rogge.

You'll find all the products of the big banks, and work with an experienced banker who can help you build a long-term financing plan. At Friendly Hills Bank you can be confident you will get the expertise you need by the service and responsiveness only a community bank can offer.

  • Property Managers appreciate Friendly Hills Bank because we take the time to know their business and become one of their trusted advisers. We understand the unique industry challenges to funding and cash management.

  • Professional Service Firms appreciate Friendly Hills Bank because all loan decisions are made locally, and they have access to top management. This enables the bank to truly understand clients' needs.

  • Healthcare Service Providers appreciate Friendly Hills Bank because they have access to customized financial programs and receive exceptional personalized service. We are experienced bankers and understand the challenges Healthcare Providers face.

Don't just take our word for it - see what some of our clients think of our service.

You won't just like us for the money! We think you'll "appreciate" us too!

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